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Burials on the Web

With just part of a name you can find someone in the cemetery. Many of our burials have images. Take a look.

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Image Map Name Date of Death
Bialke, Joseph A. 10/28/1968
Bielinski, Doris M. 12/02/1991
Bielinski, Peter J. 12/09/1993
Bistodeau, Flora 06/21/1967
Bistodeau, Fredrich 06/03/1960
Blake, Donna Mae 02/11/2014
Boecker, Richard Leo 09/20/2015
Bolton, Philip W. 09/15/1962
Bord, Alice M. 06/15/1974
Bord, Leo A. 08/06/1978
Borst, Donald J. 06/07/1982
Borst, Helen Marie 10/30/2022
Borst, Janice E. 02/02/1994
Borst, Warren Frank 05/26/1991
Bottema, Cecelia M. 00/00/1999
Bottema, Cecilia (child) 04/19/2007
Bottema, Jerry Lee 05/30/2012
Bottema, John A. 07/05/1968
Bottema, John C. 00/00/1978
Bottema, Joseph R. 10/10/1970
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