Our Lady of the Lake
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Cemetery: Our Lady of the Lake
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Image Map Name Date of Death
Aleckson, Loretta M. 00/00/1992
Aleckson, Oris W. 12/12/1977
Alm, Tony Stephen 11/09/2003
Angell, Rosemary A. 07/08/1988
Artman, Kent Michael 05/26/2006
Axvig, Gene Dinsmore 05/13/2018
Baker, Everett
Baker, Shirley E. 05/16/2007
Baklund, Daniel James 03/01/2012
Beaudry, Wilfred L. 00/00/1990
Bednared, Walter E. 04/03/1966
Berglund, Margaret Marie 07/26/2008
Berthiaume, James Alfred 09/09/2016
Berthiaume, James Lee 12/21/1995
Bialka, Anna 00/00/1973
Bialke, Alexander J. 11/12/1980
Bialke, Edward S. 05/18/1979
Bialke, Joseph A. 10/28/1968
Bielinski, Doris M. 12/02/1991
Bielinski, Peter J. 12/09/1993